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The Housing Market in China Is Failing.

In April, China's average house prices jumped 4.3 percent year over year, demonstrating that official efforts to temper the country's housing market are failing.

After a 3.6 percent year-over-year gain in March, average house prices rose for the fourth month in a row. items for sale


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Investors Have Faith in Commercial Real Estate Around the World.

According to the latest data from Jones Lang LaSalle, global real estate transaction volumes grew 11% in the first half of 2013 compared to 2012, indicating improved investor confidence in commercial real estate. items

According to the firm, global direct commercial investment volumes reached $1…

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China is facing a backlash over its skyscrapers.

An anti-tall building campaign is gaining traction in China as skyscrapers sprout like weeds in towns across the country. Newspaper editorials in Chinese newspapers are publicly condemning political officials for permitting towers, in a rare display of public disagreement. hunters

The latest exa…

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The deceased's religion has no meaning.

The estate is usually divided and the legacy is managed by the heirs themselves. In the event of a dispute over the estate, however, the local district court handles the problems of heritage.  job

The District Court of the place where the property is located always has the right to decide the c…

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Can property owners and tenants agree to rents freely in Georgia?

Georgian law gives property owners and tenants full freedom to negotiate and agree on the initial rent amount. The parties may also freely negotiate higher rents and increased rent costs. items for sale

The landlord has a technical advantage. Should the landlord refuse to increase rental in line…

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The reserved portion must be covered in a testament.

A portion of the estate is reserved to ensure that certain categories of persons are not excluded. The rules are difficult. The portions depend on the number of heirs and their existence. The minimum reserved portion for each person is 1/8 if a spouse, children and parents survive the deceased. The …

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A real problem: prices in house rise despite coronavirus!

Market watchers assumed that house prices would remain unchanged or even fall during the pandemic. That's not what happened, however.

The coronavirus pandemic is a new threat to Europe's economies: house price bubbles. rent cars

On the northwest side, after the well-heeled Bromma enclave, the…

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China's Concrete Empire

The Chinese housing market has boomed, overwhelming the economy's rapid growth itself. That's how the links between households, local authorities, banks and developers work. rent
One of the largest and most important centers of leverage and economic activity worldwide is a Chinese assets market wh…

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Inexpensive rankings Toronto Tops + BoC Warns Price Spike 'Not normal'


There is no 'silver bullet' to fix the housing affordability crisis in Toronto. However, here are five ways to alleviate pain (Star of Toronto)

The rock-bottom interest rates reported by the Bank of Canada will be with us for at least another year as one of the main factors in increasi…

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