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In the absence or invalidity of a will, the legacy follows an untamed sequence.

The distribution of property and assets in the absence of a will depends on each case, but usually the spouse inherits the largest portion of the property when the deceased is married. The judge allocates the sum of the total wealth of the deceased according to conjugal rights and then distributes t…

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German fear of raids

Clandestine weather stations in Greenland and around the Arctic were only one of the many German threats. German naval activity concerned the allies as well. The German cruiser Prince Eugen and the famous Bismarck battle ship sailed through the Denmark Strait between Iceland and Greenland at the sta…

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Fitch Reviews Iceland's Negative Outlook; Affirms 'A'!

As a small, highly open economy with a large tourism and commodity export concentration, Iceland is exposed to a severe recession, increased fiscal deficits, and a considerable increase in government debt. Iceland has taken a rather strong start in the COVID-19 crisis with a small average government…

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Business Round-up: 2020 sets a market record for Danish housing!

In 2020, which was defined by the pandemic of coronavirus, land agents also had a busy year when record numbers of homes were sold in Denmark.

Sales of all housing types were above average, with a total of 107,000 homes sold across the country. houses for sale

The figure represents a 22% rise…

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Dubai's Emaar records a 250% jump in sales of property!

DUBAI: In the first five months of the year, Emaar Properties reported a 250% sail in property sales in Dubai.

The company said in a statement that sales reached 10.5 billion dirhams ($408.4 million), adding that it expects even higher growth in the H1 2021.

"I am confident that the Dubai prop…

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What are the most common structures for investing in real estate, and what are the benefits and drawbacks of each (including tax implications)?

The structures utilized are determined by the transaction's complexity. Major cross-border real estate deals can be quite complicated structurally.

Apart from the traditional purchase of real estate, it is becoming increasingly popular to transfer real estate through the sale of shares in the cor…

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New figures show that Prague now needs 1.55 million housing!

The number of people in Prague was underestimated by the city and this has a big impact on how many apartments are constructed.

The number of people in Prague was underestimated by the city;   property

This has a huge impact on urban planning for the future.

While the figure is 1,3 millio…

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Lidl is building a warehouse that will create 500 jobs outside Prague!

Lidl Supermarket Chain is building one of the biggest logistics centers in Europe in the vicinity of Kladno, northwest of Prague. It should open in 2021 with up to 500 employees. for sale qatar

Supermarket chain Lidl builds a logistics center near Kladno, some 20 km northwest of Prague, in the t…

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The price of the apartment is so high that the Czechs are moving to Germany.

Work in the Czech Republic, live in Germany? It sounds back, but is now a reality in areas close to the border.

Have you heard about the price of the Czech apartment? Rental costs are so high that the Czech Republic is now moving to Germany. (Babylon's dummy ching.)

It sounds like a punchline …

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