Used housing prices rose 0.7% in April: Madrid is the first province to be the most expensive!

In April the price of used property in Spain increased by 0.7%, to EUR 1.632/m2, or EUR 152/sq ft, according to the latest idealistic index of prices for properties. Prices for the province of Madrid are for the first time higher (€2746/m2 or €255/m2) than in Gipuzkoa (€2,715/m2 or €252/m2 ft) as well as in Barcelona (€2,708/m2 or €251/m2). The annual average price increase of second-hand property for sale was 7.5%. in qatar

Self-government Communities

Only in 3 autonomous communities was the price reduced. The biggest drop was registered in Castile-La Mancha, where sellers' financial expectations decreased by 0.8 percent. The following are falls in Extremadura (-0.3%) and the Basque Country (-0.1 percent ). At the other end is La Rioja, where prices have increased 3.7%, Madrid (2.8%) and Navarre (1.6 percent ).

The most expensive community is Madrid (2.746 euro/m2 or 255 euro/sq ft). Following are the Balearic Islands (€ 2.611/m2 or EUR 243/sq ft) and the Basque Country (€ 2.507/m2 or EUR 233/sq ft). The most important economic communities to buy property are Castile-La Mancha (906 euros/m2 or 84 euros/m2 ft), the Extremadura (929 euros/m2 86 euros/m2 ft) and Murcia (1017 euros/m2, or 95 euros/m2), on the opposite side of the table.


In April, 33 provinces had prices higher than in March. The biggest increase has been observed in La Rioja (3.7%), followed by Madrid (2.8%), Barcelona (2.2%) and Santa Cruz de Tenerife (1.8 percent ). However, the biggest drop was in Lugo, where the owners are demanding 3.4 percent less for their homes. Falls in Cuenca (-1.8%), Ciudad Real and Ávila follow (-1.5 percent in both cases).

Madrid is the first leader of the most expensive provinces, at EUR 2746/m2, which is EUR 255/sq ft. Gipuzkoa is second (€2.715/m2 or EUR 252/sq ft) and then Barcelona (€2.708/m2 or EUR 251/sq ft).)

Toledo is the cheapest province with just EUR 781/square meter of prices, which corresponds to EUR 73/sq ft. The second are Ávila (809 €/m2 or 75 €/m2) and Ciudad Real (843 €/m2 or 78 €/m2)

Capital of the province

The number of capitals in the Spanish provinces which have increased prices during the month of April was 31 out of a total of 50. The most pronounced increase is that of Logroño, where homeowners' expectations have grown 3.7 percent. The increase in Madrid was 2.5%, while in Granada it was 2.4%. Prices in Barcelona increased by 1%. The largest decrease of this month was in Lugo (–4.1%), followed by Lleida (-1.6%) and Segovia (-1.5 percent ).

With an average price of 4,376 euros/m2, Barcelona is still the most expenseful city in Spain, a whopping 407 euros/m2. The next two are San Sebastián (€4,140/m2, or €385/ft2) and Madrid (€3,630/m2 or €337/ft2). The cheapest city of Ávila, on the other, is Ávila, which is € 943/m2, or € 87/m2, followed by Lleida (€ 945/m2, or € 88/sq ft) and Castellón (€ 1 017/m2 or € 94/m2).

The idealistic price index

Idealista is currently Spain's most widely used property marketplace for purchase, sale and rental. Since 2000, the idealista research department has been analyzing immobilized prices with thousands of properties for sale. With a research history of eighteen years, idealista has become the standard data source for numerous analytic teams from banking and financial organizations to government institutions.

In order to compile this property price index, idealista analyzed 405,520 property listings published in its database on 26 March 2018. In order to ensure correctness of the data, properties which were previously priced outside the market, like single family homes, have not been counted in the analysis because the results have skewed in some areas. The property price index of the idealista is compiled using the offer prices per square meters constructed.

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